Holidays might be over, but a savannah may be the perfect gift for your significant "cat lover" special and unusual...

Prices vary with some specials as low as $250 and regular prices starting at $450 to $650 range except F3's more.

I have regular tabbies and some spotted, also snow pattern, classic marbles, and some tuxedo's. ~NO SHIPPING~

Below:  Pooh F6 male

Below:  Tammuz F4 male

below: F3 Odin with little buddy HoHo (not for sale)

Below: F4 classic marble Blossom

Below: Bali F3 in Classic Marble                                                                      Below:  Boo F6  

                                                                             Below:  F7 Snow Donatello (Neutered Male)


   Ozark Mountain Savannahs.  A small in-home  cattery in west central Indiana.

Contact for current listings. No  shipping. Pick-up prices.  All sales are In Person for Cash only.

    Email:                   Text:  765 350 0528

Ozark Mountain Savannahs  is registered with the Rare & Exotic Feline Registry (R.E.F.R)

Cats and kittens are either REFR or TICA registered, or both.

Located in West Central Indiana Putnam County west of Indianapolis and east of Terre Haute,  All cats/kittens are registered and have their shots; warrantied against defects to first birthday.

Below:  F6 Snow White                                                                                  Below: F5 Contessa (Tessa)

Below: Peepeye nice young F4 neutered boy  

Below: F4 girl Siduri

 Below:  F3 Odin in front with Snow Female   to left                               Below: F4 Yoda neutered male

Below: Left; Kleo F4 (retired) with Siduri (right) F4                          Below: F6 Neutered Boy Fred

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Below: Ysolde (F5)                                                                                              Below:   F6 Ethyl

Below: F6 Lucy                                                                                                      Below: F6 Grumpy *NOT* with F4 Blossom behind