Above:  Top; Oestara's fall litter these are F4 savannahs bred from F3 queen and Ho Ho the Abyssinian

                                                     Next pic above is Oestara the F3 who is the mom of kittens at top.  

Prices:  AdultF4's From $650 and F6's from $450 ... Nice F3 boy $1500 best F4 $850 some specials as low as $250

I have regular tabbies and some spotted, also snow pattern, classic marbles, and some tuxedo's. ~NO SHIPPING~

Have a couple of the expensive ones too.  sales are in person only and for cash. No exceptions. All catsare registered.

Text me at 765 350 0528 for more info on any you are interested in :)  or email to cvaughn919@yahoo.com


           Below: F5 queen Ysolde with two kittens from my abyssinian Amenhotep. They are one mon old here


 Above:  two litters of two kittens each, baby lilac (gray) f5s, baby brown F6s one each boy and girl in each litter.

Above: Ruddy Abyssinian Amenhotep, the kittens daddy             Above Right: Pipeye F4 queen (smaller) mom of the 

not for sale                                                                                                                  two grey (or lilac) kittens 


                                               NOW ON GOOGLE PLUS CLICK THE LINK THAT FOLLOW IF YOU WANT  TO LOOK

                                                                                      Above:  The beautiful F3 female Sumatra


Below Left: Donatello nice friendly snow boy f7                                Below Right: Donatello giving hugs

Below Left: Penguin black n white fixed male "special"                Below Right:  Yoda F4 neuter boy nice big dark spots


Below Left: Tammuz F4 fixed boy lovable                                               Below Right: Odin F3 fixed boy nice 


   Ozark Mountain Savannahs.  A small in-home  cattery in west central Indiana.

  No  shipping. Pick-up prices.  All sales are In Person for Cash only.

    Email:     cvaughn919@yahoo.com                   Text:  765 350 0528

Ozark Mountain Savannahs  is registered with the Rare & Exotic Feline Registry (R.E.F.R)

Cats and kittens are either REFR or TICA registered, or both.

Located in West Central Indiana Putnam County west of Indianapolis and east of Terre Haute,  All cats/kittens are registered and have their shots; kittens are warrantied against defects to first birthday.


Right is Ethyl F6 spayed female traditional tabby

                                                                     Above Snow White F6 spayed female front view                              


Above left: Blossom a nice F4 girl in classic marble, fixed           Above Right: Peepeye F4 neutered male playful                             

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Above Left:   F6 Pooh happy kitty with odd face, sweet                                    Above Right:  F6   Snow White (F)


 Above Left: Little Bo another Sylvester savannah     f6                         Above Right: F3 neuter boy Odin sleeps like  human



Siduri is a spayed female f6 (left)

                                                                                            Below: Bashfull f6 tabby girl 

Below: F6 off color Little Bo (already neutered)

Below: F6 spayed female Grumpy very friendly